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CLRS Merge Sort in JavaScript

Regular Merge Sort and CLRS Merge Sort are essentially the same algorithm, but CLRS Merge Sort is a more specific implementation that follows the algorithm as described in the textbook "Introduction to Algorithms" by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein.


Create Objects using a Constructor

Inheritance in JavaScript allows objects to inherit(actually link) to properties and methods of other objects, creating a hierarchical relationship between them.


Default Binding - THIS Keyword

The default binding of the "this" keyword in JavaScript refers to the global object when used in a standalone function.


Deploy Python Lambda to AWS ECR using Docker

A python lambda is the easiest way to start exploring the AWS ecosystem.


What is Execution Context?

Learn how JS runs your code and manages variables with a simple guide to execution context.


Explicit Binding - THIS Keyword

Explicit binding refers to the automatic binding of this keyword to the object that it is called from.


How I Built My Website

Building a website in 2023 involves a combination of modern technologies and best practices.


How I Publish Obsidian Notes to a NextJS Blog

Publishing posts becomes seamless as everything is in the same world of consuming, evolving and publishing.


How I Publish Obsidian Notes to a NextJS Blog

Publishing posts becomes seamless as everything is in the same world of consuming, evolving and publishing.


Implicit Binding - THIS Keyword

Implicit binding is the automatic binding of the "this" keyword to the object where a method is invoked, based on the calling context.


Inheritance in JavaScript

Inheritance in JavaScript is more like a team where you delegate tasks that you cannot do yourself, this is the reason this relationship model in JS is referred to as Behaviour Delegation.


Introduction to JavaScript

A short story about the language of the web


How I Added Light & Dark Theme SVGs on my Website

As my website uses light and dark themes it was important for the icons and other SVGs that I use to support it.


Linking Object or Inheriting From Objects

Linking objects is key to understanding the prototype system as it leads up to complex patterns involving constructors and subclasses


Merge Sort in JavaScript

Merge sort is a standard divide and conquer algorithm that scales.


Prototype and Global Objects

The prototype system in JS is a simple concept if understood without the preconceived notion of inheritance from other class-based languages.


Quicksort in JavaScript

Quicksort is a very neat algorithm that sorts with a very good runtime.


Rules of Prototype

Understand the rules that drives the prototype system. It is key to mastering this complicated topic.


THIS Keyword in JavaScript

The "this" keyword in JavaScript refers to the current object or context in which the code is being executed


Understanding JS Code Execution

Learning how JS manages memory is key to understanding advanced concepts such as Closures and Async JS.


Values and Expressions

Discover the power of JavaScript, the core technology of the web, bringing interactivity and dynamic behaviour to websites